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Suppose you could draft your colleagues—What are the traits you most want, need and appreciate in your colleagues? Do you exhibit them?

1. You Are Rock-Solid Dependable

You are always there, in the worst of times, in the best of times. You are not merely knowledgeable and capable, but consistent and reliable in making high-quality contributions.

2. You Handle Pressure Well

You don’t stress out under the gun. You focus in on the priorities at hand. Your adaptability and ease to do business with in critical situations make you invaluable. You provide a sense of perspective and confidence when it is most needed.

3. You Bring Great Energy and Enthusiasm to the Team

You encourage your colleagues with constructive advice and support. You leave situations better than before you came. You are more an energy giver than sapper or drainer. You are constructive even in the most negative circumstances. People really like working with you, and morale is markedly better with you on the team.

4. You Are a Hard Worker

You don’t look how to cut corners or do less, but take the lead to plow through the tough elements. Your work ethic is inspiring! You set the example in taking on the worst tasks. Your productivity and energy are appreciated. You are part of the core power supply, an engine propelling your unit forward.

5. You Bring Creativity to the Team and the Plan

You are constantly looking for new, fresh ideas and approaches. You are constantly pushing for betterment, even if it’s a totally out-of-the-box-thought. You are willing to try new ways to improve all you touch. You are a catalyst to pull fresh thinking out of your colleagues. And you are never afraid to admit you goofed or can do it better.

6. You Are a Team Builder, Not a Team Breaker

You motivate, not denigrate. Your “critical feedback” is given with sensitivity and deftness – not de-motivating, joy stealing, or with a deadening “gotcha.” You build consensus by drawing everyone into the dialogue to elicit genuine buy-in while helping the team forge ahead on timely decisions and actions.

7. You Lead By Example More Than Words

Your actions speak most strongly for you. You induce follower- ship by people seeing you lead in action. Folks want to be like you for your passion and energy. You are a great example or pattern through how you conduct yourself. You elicit respect. You earn a reputation as being a consummate professional.

8. You Maintain Your Sense of Humor

Especially when things get tedious, tense, drawn out, or high- stakes, you keep things in perspective. You keep the team up, and encouraged. You diffuse tension and negativity by maintaining a sense of humility, and a great willingness to poke fun at yourself. Your perspective is vitalizing—a breath of fresh air. One of your key metrics is laughter, as you know how helpful it is for productivity and an enjoyable working environment!

9. You Are Highly Trusted and Respected

You keep your word. You speak the truth. You keep confidences. You come to the aid of a failing colleague, and are a source of trusted advice and counsel. People want you there for all kinds of input because of your judgment and perspective. You are the person they most want around in the combat zone.

10. You Don’t Take the Credit—You Give It

You showcase the team and individuals in the limelight. You always try to showcase the work of others. You are unselfish, not all about you. You are that great blend of being a key player in making it all happen, then pointing out others’ contributions afterwards.

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