Four Reasons Why Teams Break and How to Solve Them

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Over time “the usual suspects” of why teams break emerge. Their causes and treatment are laid out in this section. What raise these four team-breakers above all of the rest are two criteria— frequency and lethalness! 1. Team-Break Number One: Two Teammates Not Working Together A Remedy: Resolve or Remove to the Point of Team Functioning Either the two bickering parties deal with old baggage, stylistic differences, and disagreements, or the team continues without either or both of them! I understand relationships are highly nuanced and complicated, and that there usually are no “bromides,” or quick solutions. But the team has the right to expect its members to act professionally and function effectively with each other. Two ways to address one-on-one tension and dysfunction are: 1) the team leader sets team expectations upon team formation, and addresses the situation with each of them off-line, or 2) informal encouragement from team colleagues Read More