One Communications Best Practice: the Two-Minute Drill

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Communications is an amorphous phenomenon I like to refer to as the biggest business “fluff-muffin”—everyone feels it could be better, but no one knows exactly how to do it. The following tool, the Two-Minute Drill (2MD), addresses poor communications head-on and fixes it! Dozens of companies are using it. Leadership teams at all levels have found it extremely effective. The following is how the Two-Minute Drill works: About sixteen years ago I had an idea of a communications method utilized monthly during strategic implementation/tracking meetings. In roundtable fashion, I would have each member of the planning team give their monthly “Two-Minute Drill” (2MD), which was a brief, content-rich synopsis of key highs, lows, and other highlights of interest from the last month. The intent was to update their peers, and it has proven to be a very popular tool because it simply “netted out” each individual’s important updates via a Read More