“Bill Bean and Strategia helped our management team clearly redefine our mission, vision, principles and strategic objectives. He coached, trained and moderated our team; enabling us to work cooperatively toward common, agreed-upon objectives. Our sales growth, market penetration and sustained profitability improved significantly.”

~ Charles Irby, President and Owner (Former), Irby Construction Company

chartThe Strategia Method, a proven strategic planning process, will provide your company with the means to a business lifetime of large return on investment, administered in a short amount of time, and implemented quickly with measurable results.

Once set in place, this process becomes a professional way of doing business — a way of managing every day and making strategy-based decisions at every crossroad.

Consultants are no longer needed; the pump is primed to operate effectively on its own!


Join 230 Companies In 75 Industries Who Have Discovered How The Strategia Method Could Turbocharge Their Business.

You Can See Over 1,000% Increase In Profits, Too!

Transform Operational, Reactive Individualism Into Strategic, Proactive Teamwork.

Our Approach

The Strategia Method is based upon power core beliefs and commitments to those things that we know your company needs to achieve your business objects and grow.

A propensity for action and results.

The purpose of planning is doing, not holding meetings, going to a weekend retreat that is forgotten in a month, or preparing large planning binders that sit on the shelf. Planning is just 5% of the final grade; Implementation is 95% – the kind that is accountable, on-time, and impacting – Strategia’s point of uniqueness is captured in the title of one of Mr. Bean’s books:  “Strategic planning that makes things happen.” Both business and personal work includes hands-on “workbooks” and preparation of strategic plans that go all the way through action steps, implementation, and follow up.

A belief in balance and honesty.

Too many consulting approaches or self-help books promise this year’s quick fix or fad. Business organizations and individuals work best when the passion is matched with practicality and repeatability.

A track record of results.

Strategia has worked with over 230 companies across more than 75 industries during the past 21 years to “turbocharge” clients for significant and measurable results. Virtually all of the firm’s business is by referral.

Does it Work?

Does it Work?

Our clients think so. They say it works because they’ve seen that when they plan well, they do well. And they continue to be our primary source of new business through personal referrals to others.We don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus solely on the use of proprietary planning methodologies in business leadership and personal living.