Bill will challenge your business paradigm with thought provoking ideas and then he has the experience and track record to help you positively adjust your direction through a results oriented structured process.
~ Dennis Gertmenian, Chairman, Ready Pac
strategic planning systemStrategia business consulting services don’t invade clients, but rather we infuse and equip them to plan the strategy fast and well, and to implement the plan on time and effectively.

Smart teams can generate a good list of goals, but in our experience that forms only 5% of the final result. The other 95% of the final grade? Implementation! Typically, a company completes 3.5 of its 10 goals in 12 months. A Strategia client averages 7 of its 10 goals completed in 6 months. That is a 4:1 productivity improvement of twice the goals done in half the time. That is ROI!

That is the essence of Strategia, and the Strategia Method of Turbocharging your business. Here is the simple, powerful process of our services in action.


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An Effective System With Predictable Results

Our team-based strategic planning method builds a great plan and launches effective team processes to build and maintain planning and implementation momentum across your company.The following elements form the launch pad for Turbocharging your company and team:

Pre-work Company Assessment:

This takes 1.0 to 1.5 days of time to develop a pre-work report based on a confidential one-hour written assessment from the senior executive team, evaluating 16 areas of the company. This initial Strategia work involves approximately four to five fully dedicated days spread over about 1 to 2 months, plus support services as necessary and reasonable.

Off-site Team Planning Session:

2.0 days for a hands-on off-site strategic planning session.

Final Report:

1.0 to 1.5 days for the complete written report to lay out implementation agreements for the session and move the process from a “nice big book to have on my desk” to a real plan that “makes things happen.” The summary book is not only complete, but lays out action steps, monthly reporting systems, personal responsibility, and specific due-dates that cannot be ignored.

FREE Follow-on Support:

At no additional charge, we provide informal phone support to answer questions and provide direction along the way. Since new business comes by referrals from very satisfied existing clients, our top priority is the successful translation of our program into immediate and measurable financial and personal returns. Our current and past clients are valuable and vital.

Planning Team Update Sessions:

Most companies find that the power and focus of our Strategia Method can benefit by follow on planning sessions to refresh, renew and deepen planning and implementation. We find that over the first year or two the team can be helped to stay focused and build momentum until the new communication, planning and implementation skills become fully integrated into the company culture and are able to yield year after year results.


What Keeps it from Working?

  • Not holding the monthly meetings; hold them!
  • Not having good facilitation; Strategia can train them!
  • Not having CEO commitment; gut-check time to walk the talk.
  • Allowing other things to distract; keep in mind the ROI/ cost of not doing.
  • Not holding updates/adding action plans; bring in Strategia for 6-month updates and annual next-year planning.